Sirens of Decay: July Playlist

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The summer-y-est of summer months has come and gone and now we’re going to be heading into August. Before long, it’ll be getting cold again. Already the days are getting shorter…that means you need some wonderful music to guide you through the next few weeks of sun and fun.


EDITOR’S NOTE: I am still looking for a wonderful photographer or artist to help me out with the artwork for Sirens of Decay. Sirens makes no dough – I do it for the love of the game so unfortunately I cannot pay you for your work – but I can help you by showcasing it here on the site.

Looking for any of the following: album artwork for playlists and Best-of lists, Sirens of Decay logo work, as well as your individual artwork for posting.

If you do this kind of thing in your spare time anyway, why not give me a shout?


Sirens of Decay: July Playlist

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Windshield Smasher

Seatraffic – Crimes: grows as it continually drenches you in forlorn emotion like relentless ocean waves… (read more)

Fast Years – Young Heart: zeal for life running underneath, causing it to hum and leap out of the speakers… (read more)

G-Eazy – Plastic Dreams (feat. Johanna Fay): …this is deeper and more personal… (read more)

Sweet Valley – Total Carnage: quirky new piece that is absolutely made for your headphones… (read more)

The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe – Lectures on Quantabreathless and just getting started… (read more)

Crocodiles – Endless Flowers: pop track to swoon over and put on repeat… (read more)

White Laces – Crawl/Collapse: that sparks with you instantly… (read more)

Tiger Waves – Weekends: literally plows over everything from my iPhone to my iTunes, and then my soul… (read more)

Yeasayer – Longevity: give it a haunting quality – like 4 AM… (read more)

Conveyor – Mukraker: awesome self-titled debut… (read more)

Crystal Swells – Harsh Flux: two wild minutes of a mad man chasing you through a corn field… (read more)

Infinity Girl – Please Forget: chaotic, a maelstrom of emotion and instruments that stands out… (read more)

Black Marble – A Great Design

MVSCLES – Sweet n SourDefinitely the most summer-laden track of the month… (read more)


ZIP file  |   Spotify (Spotify playlist includes The xx – Angels and Arctic Monkeys – Come Together (The Beatles Cover))

Enjoy it! Top tracks and releases from the month of July will be up tomorrow!

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