Sirens of Decay: February Playlist

0 Posted by - 02/28/2013 - One Timer

It’s been a big month here at Sirens and some of the great music I received this month proves it. There were some absolute gems, some instant adds to the shuffle rotation, and a few great albums and EPs that crossed my path. This month’s playlist also includes a song or two from January because I didn’t put up a playlist for that month.

I want to give some special recognition to my favorites from each week. Wildlife Control’s newest track “Different” (from the last week of January), Bad Bad Hats’ pop beauty “Super America”, Appalachians’ “Playing Pretend”, Body Parts interesting and uplifting “Rest While You Sleep”, and Manicorn’s “Vegetable Life”. I listened to all of these tracks in this playlist a ridiculous amount of time, but those five really got inside my cranium and stole my heart.

Stream the playlist via the Soundcloud player below. They are in no particular order, mostly in order received or reviewed. Just hit the search bar to the side or below to look up the individual track or artist to read the review. Thanks for another great month!

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