Sirens of Decay: Best Tracks of July

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I received a ton of great music in July and found some more in my wanderings of the fine blogs in my blogroll, or via Machine.

There are always those that stick out more than others, however. Strangely, this month is not rock heavy. I feel like I’m letting my tried and true stereotype down but I digress…here are my five favorite tracks from the month of July 2012:

5. Arctic Monkeys – Come Together (The Beatles Cover) (Live At The London Olympics): For me, this was special. I’ve followed these guys from their infancy to Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not to the headscratching yet still good Humbug and all the way back with the triumphant Suck It And See. To see your favorite band play the opening ceremony of their countries’ Olympics is a huge honor for them, and just a little more justification for my crazy fanaticism for me.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In my heart, this is the number one track of the month…studio version, natch.

4. Two Gallants – My Love Won’t Wait: It’s like someone decided to put air back in the tires and go raise hell on the freeway and they took their guitars and some raspy vocals with them. For a good bit I thought this would be numero uno, but alas.

3. Tiger Waves – Weekends: It’s like some kind of doo-wop indie rock hybrid with a built in folk aesthetic. With a sound like this, Tiger Waves will be setting the mood in your favorite TV shows before long…shortly after taking over your souls.

2. Seatraffic – Crimes: As you soon see, Crimes 7″ is the best release of the month for my money. This song would’ve easily been #1 for me but the next track had too much feel good vibe for me to overlook.

1. MVSCLES – Sweet n Sour: I don’t know what more to say other than my wife even digs this one. That’s not to say she doesn’t dig certain other tracks I post, but her tastes are not the same as mine you see. She’s more of a mainstream/classics kind of girl, for better or worse.

MVSCLES took my love for indie rock and just smashed it with their relentlessly cheery and somewhat whimsical electro-pop. Somehow it also makes you want to jam. I give up, I can’t even explain it!

Goodbye, July! It’s been swell!

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