Sirens of Decay: April Playlist

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There’s a little different format for this month’s playlist. Instead of making this a who’s who of my favorite tracks posted on Sirens this month, I went on a bit of a different path.

This month’s playlist is MP3 only, which means you can download it at your leisure, as some have requested. No more being tied to the website to listen. It also means that unfortunately there are a ton of great songs submitted to me that aren’t included. What is included is a few of the great tracks posted here that did have free MP3’s, as well as several other awesome cuts I didn’t get a chance to post. All of these tracks arrived in my inbox as free MP3’s, or were available otherwise as free downloads.

These are some pretty awesome tracks that float around all different genres, from hip-hop to garage rock, and sunny pop music to ambient electronic. If you dig any of these guys, hit the sidebar and search their name and read up on them. Most of them have been covered here and if not you can hit the blogroll links below and find information about them on some of the blogs I frequent.

It’s supposed to be 80 degrees here in Kentucky today. It’s the end of April, maybe it’s finally time for summer weather. Enjoy the mix, thanks for reading, and see ya next month!

MP3: Ancient Astronauts – Break My Heart In 2

MP3: Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Zoology

MP3: Pigeon Hole – June

MP3: City Society – Riot Bloom

MP3: Japanther – Stolen Flowers

MP3: Weird Mob – School For Akters

MP3: Night Panther – All For Love

MP3: Work Drugs – West Coast Slide

MP3: Common – Congratulations (feat. Eeeeeeee!!) (prod. by No ID)

MP3: Ghost Loft – So High

MP3: Young Hunting – Baby’s First Steps

MP3: Seatraffic – Tempo of Regret

MP3: Jacques Greene x Tinashe – Painted Faces

MP3: Josef Salvat – This Life (Phat Deuce Remix)

Full playlist download: Sirens of April (ZIP)

If you’re an artist and you want your track taken down, drop me a note.

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