Shorthanded Goals: Volume XIV

0 Posted by - 04/06/2013 - Shorthanded Goals

It’s Saturday, so that means it’s once again time for Shorthanded Goals.

Shorthanded Goals is a feature that melds the best of both worlds. More artists wanting to catch your eyes and ears and hearts – whether they be free giveaways from albums I’ve already covered, or free tracks sent to me that I cannot dedicate the necessary time to listen to and review from bands/readers/whomever, or maybe even the usual PR and label goodies that arrive on the regular. Sometimes it’s album tracks or Soundcloud finds I love but I didn’t include in past write-ups.

They are all great tracks looking for a new home. These are the tracks I end up missing, so you get first dibs. Think of yourself as the last line of defense.

Don’t let these sounds disappear!

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