MP3: The Ross Sea Party – Thunder

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Vocals belting, guitars clattering and clanging; The Ross Sea Party re-emerges in 2012 like thunder. Or maybe it’s with a track called “Thunder”. Same thing, right?

With the “whoa-oh-oh-oh’s” and rise and fall of Brady Erickson’s vocals the track feels like some kind of spring fling, a celebration of torrential downpours and mad dashes to the car that make you wish you wouldn’t have left that hoodie behind.

You slam those doors and sit there stiffened from the cold rain as a chill runs up your spine. Suddenly everyone gets the giggles. Who cares if your mascara is running, it was a thrill.

It’s a damn good track. Video to be posted soon. Whoa-oh-oh-oh.

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MP3: The Ross Sea Party – Thunder

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