MP3: The Ross Sea Party – Return To The Sea

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One day I’ll wear out this LA thing, I’m sure, but for now it’s going strong. Pull up an ear and let me tell you about The Ross Sea Party and their 2010 release Plains Of Id EP.

On it, or upon it, there’s a bitchin’ track called “Return To The Sea” that is kind of like a more raucous “Blue Star”, where strong rock vocals replace the dreamy pop. It does have a bit of a beach-y, sunshine feel which is nice, but it’s the soft touches like the Edge-esque falsetto harmony in the chorus that set it apart.

The crazy thing is, the next track on the EP may be even better…and I see rumors of a full length on the way in the near future. Oh yeah.

Pick up Plains Of Id via the bandcamp link below, and go find The Ross Sea Party on Facebook.

The Ross Sea Party – Return To The Sea

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