Rewind (Stream): Wet – U Da Best

0 Posted by - 08/22/2013 - One Timer

I’m not sure if this counts as going back in the time machine since it’s only going back to April of this year, however, it is a bit farther back than we would normally journey. “U Da Best” was too good to pass up, though.

I kind of got lucky discovering this single. I wrote about a band from Sheffield called Best Friends the other day, which lead me to thinking that there was another band with a similar/the same name as them I’d covered. There was one track in particular I remembered, but couldn’t place. All I had to go on was a remembered snippet of the chorus: “so when you see me walking around with him, I’m not just another chick, I’m his girl.” So I search my posts for “Best Friends” and find nothing and forget about it.

Heading over to Lucky Number to pre-order the latest FTSE EP, I accidentally discover that the artist I was looking for was Friends and is released by Lucky Number – not Best Friends (coincidentally, there is a band named Best Friend from Knoxville I had written about which led to the initial confusion). I checked out the newest Friends track (which will go up soon here), and after a few Soundcloud hoops I ended up on Wet. Now after spending most of the article talking about different bands that aren’t Wet, let’s discuss “U Da Best”.

I love the sparse, a-capella style intro to this track. So good. “U Da Best” is almost another one of those folktronic hybrids – it reminds me so much stylistically (mainly due to the vocals) of late 80’s/early 90’s style adult contemporary/pop ballads that I almost have to look over my shoulder to see if my mom is listening too. I mean that as high praise; there’s plenty of modern touches here, however the old soul quality of the single is what makes it stand out most for me.

Needless to say, it’s a catchy number. Download U Da Best/Bad Idea via Bandcamp for free if you want.

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