Rewind: MNEK x Disclosure – White Noise (XYconstant Remix)

0 Posted by - 11/23/2013 - One Timer

I dug this out of the purgatory that befalls singles in this blogger/modern digital age. You’ve got roughly a week, maybe two, for a window to make an impact and then the next thing comes in and takes you place. That’s if your lucky enough to get that first week.

This XYconstant remix of “White Noise” popped while I was otherwise occupied, but it was duly noted. Disclosure has pretty much won the internet for indie music this year in some circles with a handful of tracks getting massive play all over the place. Then there are the remixes like this one, which have also been stellar.

While you relax your Saturday afternoon away, do it with this in your earballs. Just keep it on repeat and hear it pulsing.

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