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I’ve noticed in our remodeling that there is a void in my inbox where some tracks don’t quite fit the Shorthanded Goals mold, yet they don’t quite require or elicit a full feature. Basically, they are great tracks – I just can’t find the words to praise and describe.

I’ve thought about this and I figured why not post up a little segment where I can quickly run through the tracks that caught my ear but didn’t quite catch my tongue…Red Lights to make you slow and stop what you’re doing to listen.

Seems like fairly regularly we get a new The Neighbourhood remix or single to listen to. Unfortunately, we still haven’t gotten that full length they’ve been teasing since they broke out. Little Daylight’s remix of “Sweater Weather” definitely takes the track in a different direction. It’s first half is more epic and resounding, and the backend is dominated by synth and sounds that make you wanna dance.

I had almost written this remix off until it evolved into this hyper-“Sweater Weather” variation. Now I love it.

Wickerbird’s latest track “Boreal” reminds me a bit of cavernous dwelling. I feel like this is the kind of sound that would drum up from the middle of the Earth…peaceful, somber and moving. It’s really quite beautiful. Wickerbird are releasing a new EP on titled The Westering on March 26th. You can find “Boreal” included.

I wrote about Wry Climate in January 2012 and their track “Pre-Dawn Storm”. I was cleaning the inbox last night and found “Rewind The Wind” and gave it a whirl. With tinkling guitars and soothing vocals, you’ll find this track a good compliment for those rainy days that are ahead before it’s all sunshine all the time.

“Rewind The Wind” is one of several tracks to be included on a new Wry Climate EP releasing later this year.

I wanted to wait til after the fracas had ended before posting the latest Vampire Weekend single. I’ve been looking for to Modern Vampires of the City since I heard it was being released, so to say expectations were high would be an understatement. My initial impression of “Diane Young” was not favorable.

The good news is I didn’t let it deter me and kept listening. The cheekiness of the track is quite endearing…this is kind of like Vampire Weekend’s PSA against #YOLO, right?


San Diego’s Heavy Hawaii are streaming another new track from their Goosebumps LP. It’s on the memories of that title alone (RL Stine!) I decided to include “Washing Machine”. Yes, that is the title of this track. It actually sounds something akin to that – sudsy and gyrating with a romantic glaze laid over the top.

I will admit all I know of these dudes is this track and “Super Bowl XXIX”, but I plan to get around to the new LP. They definitely do not sound like much else I hear.

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  • Emma Aistrop 04/22/2013 - 8:47 PM

    Love the Sweater Weather remix! They have an awesome video for that song too :)