Red Lights: 3rd Edition

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I’ve noticed in our remodeling that there is a void in my inbox where some tracks don’t quite fit the Shorthanded Goals mold, yet they don’t quite require or elicit a full feature. Basically, they are great tracks – I just can’t find the words or time to praise and describe.

I’ve thought about this and I figured why not post up a little segment where I can quickly run through the tracks that caught my ear but didn’t quite catch my tongue…Red Lights to make you slow and stop what you’re doing to listen.

Piano driven with some great vox, Night Panther’s latest track “Fire” carries the torch of their sparse (but awesome) catalog quite well. “Lioness” has a bit more roar, if you will. Far more electronic, channeling a little “Stayin’ Alive” with the falsetto. Check em both out.

Hudson Mohawk/Lunice return with another collaboration for the acclaimed project TNGHT bringing trap for your morning, lunch, and dinner. I include this here in Red Lights because I legitimately couldn’t describe to you all the things that go down in a production like this. I don’t really care to know either.

Sounds good, you’ll dig it. That’s all we need to know, right? Right.

Received Freeze Tag in the inbox via their PR folks and am quite thrilled to have done so. Anytime a dude used to be in a screamo band and now produces R&B flavored electronic joints that could wash away any kind of foul mood, folks should probably listen up.

Marcus Alan Ward, native of Cleveland, OH, can be forgiven for his past musical affiliations due to the nature of the city he lives in. Cleveland is a rough place, particularly for sports fans, and I’m going to assume Mr. Ward is one. Listen to “Twice” and “Fall In Love” below.

Teen Daze has always held this weird place in the Sirens archives. This dude was one of the first “electronic” or what have you artists that I ever wrote about on the original version of Sirens of Decay. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about such music and I still don’t. The difference between now and then is that I was all about the good ole rock ‘n roll and hadn’t opened my mind up yet. Teen Daze was one of the first artists to change that.

He’s got a new EP, The House On The Mountain, which includes “Morning House” in it’s track list.

ArtClassSink have a strange name, I’ll give you. Not sure I’ve seen one quite like it, to be honest, but the music is definitely great. It’s got a bit of an arena feel and most certainly a playlist friendly vibe. “Time To Go (Before The Rivalry)” is probably the catchiest track in this week’s Red Lights.

Beach Day just released “Boys” and with myself short on time, I figured I’d include it here. The same sunny, surf soaked vibes can be found in this track – though there is a slightly more frenetic pace to the whole shebang.

Filbert sent over some tracks for me to listen to. I fully intend on revisiting them for a separate feature, but I felt like I’d be cheating you not to include at least one so I chose “Between Seams”.

Their sound is an amalgamation of a lot of styles and sounds I like; the vocals are Moldy Peaches-esque  but a little more whimsical and less silly, and the beat that thumps throughout the track sounds as much like notebooks being dropped on a floor or a drum as it does an actual drum kit, which is interesting. It’s those little charms that stand out for me.

They also happen to be the first Californian band I’ve heard from that is located in Stockton (to my knowledge). The more you know!

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