Red Lights: 6th Edition

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I’ve noticed in our remodeling that there is a void in my inbox where some tracks don’t quite fit the Shorthanded Goals mold, yet they don’t quite require or elicit a full feature. Basically, they are great tracks – I just can’t find the words or time to praise and describe.

I’ve thought about this and I figured why not post up a little segment where I can quickly run through the tracks that caught my ear but didn’t quite catch my tongue…Red Lights to make you slow and stop what you’re doing to listen.

Daughter covers Daft Punk. Not even gonna say anything else. I’ll just leave this here. You can tweet me your thanks later.

Betablock3r took his vitamins, plus he made this crazy remix of Sir Sly’s dark and glittery “Gold” and turned it into a summer club jam. It’s severely sped up, sunshine and disco turned to eleven. It fits in particularly nicely after the Daft Punk cover, as this remix certainly has some Daft Punk influences. Can’t go wrong there, really.

Jake Hart certainly deserves his own post. Unfortunately, time is money and I don’t have enough time or money to write in longform about everything I hear that I love. His track “Awake” is an atmospheric trip through that heavy lidded feeling you get sitting in class listening to a boring lecture. It’s the same heavy lids my wife gets when baseball is on television.

The good news is, Jake Hart’s ambiance and emotion sounds amazing. That’s a man’s mans name too.

What do you suppose a Kodak To Graph is? It sounds very intriguing, doesn’t it? I’m always fascinated by artist names and the stories behind them. Sometimes it’s nothing, sometimes it’s a novel – it’s always interesting to hear how much thought (if any) took place before they branded themselves.

“Aurescent” is just a fun little track I picked up somewhere along the internet highway. I can’t even recall if there are words in the entire piece, but it sounds peaceful. Spring morning music.

Indie rock group White Laces have been featured here at least a handful of times. Their hazy, ringing rock sound is always a welcome distraction for my ears, regardless of circumstance.

White Laces are moving up in the world, having their latest track “Deep Moves” premiered on Stereogum. As excited as I am for them and that opportunity, I’m more excited to get my hands on this new track which continues the trend of good tunes from the Richmond, VA group.

Is Tropical are known for being quite…extravagant. Their videos are legendary, and the latest video (definitely NSFW) from the group is no departure from that MO. While I wasn’t that thrilled with the video or it’s subject matter, the track “Dancing Anymore” was a surprise hit for me. It has continued to grow on me in the days since I included it in Shorthanded Goals XVII .

Now we’ve got a Two Door Cinema Club remix of the track and it’s pretty good. Check it out.

This dropped in my inbox yesterday and I paired it with the Kodak To Graph track for some peaceful noise. Eluvium’s “Happiness” features Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo, and it’s off the upcoming LP Nightmare Ending which you can pre-order here.

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