Red Lights: 1st Edition

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I’ve noticed in our remodeling that there is a void in my inbox where some tracks don’t quite fit the Shorthanded Goals mold, yet they don’t quite require or elicit a full feature. Basically, they are great tracks – I just can’t find the words or time to praise and describe.

I’ve thought about this and I figured why not post up a little segment where I can quickly run through the tracks that caught my ear but didn’t quite catch my tongue…Red Lights to make you slow and stop what you’re doing to listen.

Cosmo Sheldrake is a hell of a name. He’s also quite the artist. “Rich (featuring Anna Roo)” is one of the weirder things I’ve heard in recent days. This is not because it’s some eclectic train wreck that folks clamor over, no. It’s just so whimsical and intriguing. At first it seems there’s not a lot there, but then on the flip side it feels like there’s so much that I might just be missing. It’s a lot like a modern version of the songs of my youth that were being stamped out on porches and decks in our backwoods hollows and campgrounds. Minus all the Coor’s Light, of course.

It’s definitely a top tier track. Also throwing the incredible sounding “Prefusify” out as well. Dig ’em.

Beach Day is exactly what you’d think. Surf rock. This time with some pretty sweet female vox and maybe a touch of the romanticism of the 50’s. Apparently, their hometown of Hollywood, FL looks like a snapshot of the 50’s…except everyone got old. Makes sense in context with the music.

“Beach Day” is the track below.

Ólafur Arnalds has his LP For Now I Am Winter streaming on the Hype Machine in full, so it’s not like he needs any help from me. Still, I would feel bad if I didn’t let you in on him in case you hadn’t heard him before. I received an e-mail about him last week, and then another one yesterday so I figured it’s time for me to get “Only The Winds” on the blog. Beautiful, beautiful music.

Young Yeller is Jesse Brickel, and he crafts elegant pop music that you might find yourself dancing to. I haven’t heard from him in ages – not since he dropped Make Me back in 2011. He’s a member of Chrome Sparks and drummer for Farewell Republic, another band I featured recently.

“Drive Me Wild” feels like a brand new day for Mr. Brickel. I was certainly joking about how you “might find yourself dancing” when listening to Young Yeller. You most assuredly will. This thing feels straight out of some swanky neon club in the 80’s.

In lieu of the artist I was gonna post, I feel it only fitting to post a track from Chrome Sparks due to Young Yeller’s affiliation. This dude, Jeremy Malvin, already blew up the indie music blogs with his own brand of chill sounds and just released an EP earlier this month. Check out “Your Planet” and ride to space in comfort and style.

The Lift are a California based duo of Amber Ojeda and Davy Nathan. The draw here is obviously Ojeda’s vocals, but that calming piano doesn’t hurt. They have a self-titled EP that’s out on iTunes right now. If you don’t mind some introspection, this is some nice easy listening to wind down to.

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