Red Lights: 2nd Edition

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I’ve noticed in our remodeling that there is a void in my inbox where some tracks don’t quite fit the Shorthanded Goals mold, yet they don’t quite require or elicit a full feature. Basically, they are great tracks – I just can’t find the words or time to praise and describe.

I’ve thought about this and I figured why not post up a little segment where I can quickly run through the tracks that caught my ear but didn’t quite catch my tongue…Red Lights to make you slow and stop what you’re doing to listen.

This is another interesting submission I received early today. Looks like it’s already made it’s rounds on the blogosphere, but it’s a pretty sweet track so I wanted to put it out there in case you missed it as well.

Brøthers is one of thosee projects where the creators are unknown intentionally. It’s just the music talking. “We Are Pushing On” is cruncy electronic music with silky pop vox that seems like a strange marriage when I type it out. The vocalist really does have a pretty great voice, especially as far as these kinds of productions go. Well worth your time if you’re into rhythm driven electronic, without all that thumping ass bass.

I received an e-mail from Chainsmokers about this remix they did of Daughter’s “Medicine”. They supposed that bloggers might write it off due to the volume of submissions received, so in the intro to the e-mail they declared themselves former porn stars. I knew it wasn’t true but it kept me reading, so well done by them I suppose.

I’m not all that familiar with Daughter or remixes in general, but this one is pretty tight if you’re into that kind of thing. You can get a free copy of it by liking Chainsmokers on Facebook via the download link on the player. By the way, what a great band name. Seriously. No sarcasm, I love it.

Sun Angle are those eclectic dudes who make your life a little more complete. Not because their music is particularly profound, but because their sound just veers in these strange directions that are similar to what you love, but not quite the same…enabling you to experience something new. That’s what we want out of music, right? Good times, good tunes, new sounds?

You can read about their last (awesome) track “Time Snakes”, and the band’s debut album drops May 7th.

Pretty sweet new track from Rogue Wave called “College”, just in time to come down the home stretch and finish up your semester. Those tinkling guitars make this thing. New album from these dudes out in June.

To close it out, I figured I’d post up a discovery I made yesterday via Tympanogram. “Just To Be Like You” reminds me a lot of the happy sound sad vocal quality most recently made famous by The Drums, though folks seem to have compared to bands a bit more pioneering.

The artist is Ski Lodge, a one man band by the name of Andrew Marr. Never heard about this guy before yesterday, but hey, I’ll be on the lookout now.

In his own words, Belgian Fog is “a little like The xx or even Foster the People; electronic rock with a semi-serious tone.” It’s a solo recording project by Robert Dale, and the interesting sounds of “Wait For Help” are likely to nab those of you looking for a holdover in your music catalog.

I pondered why pick the name Belgian Fog, but listening to the track you can see it. There’s a foggy quality here, the muted sounds creating this thick weight that engulfs you into it’s groove.

Enjoy them! Til next week!

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