Premiere (Stream): Whalers – Chrome Ocean

1 Posted by - 02/24/2014 - Noteworthy

Whalers are amping up for the release of Submarine Sun, their debut LP, with a new single that feels like it was ripped from the scenes of a seafaring incident gone awry. “Chrome Ocean” rises and falls on the command of Gus Smalley’s vocals, a metaphorical ship tossed in a sea of ill-timed promises and well-intentioned disasters.

[pullquote align=”right”]Is it any wonder that all of the oceans are made of chrome?[/pullquote]

You can’t help but feel the sea foam influence in “Chrome Ocean”; from it’s pulsing rhythm to the lonesome whine of the lead echoing out over the backdrop, this track is as much a four minute voyage as it is a catchy single. One might wonder how much rum and Gulf Coast experience these five fellas from Austin, TX encountered prior to working on Submarine Sun. Whether it was just enough (or too little in their opinion), Whalers hit it out of the park. Their newest single is as layered as it is irresistible, a torrent of emotion and energy that is laced with the very rock buzz that every (music) addict craves.

Submarine Sun drops April 8th. You can pre-order it via Whalers’ Pledge Music campaign. In the meantime, take a voyage on the “Chrome Ocean”.

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