Plastic Inevitables – Delirious

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Plastic Inevitables are a garage rock outfit from Cincinnati (which has a nice ballpark, I might add). What is a Plastic Inevitables you say? Well, it’s crunchy riffs that would be at home on any stage or in a dimly lit bar, some great soulful vocals that sound more Tennessee than Ohio, and of course nothing is worth listening to without some catchy choruses which are found in abundance on the band’s sophomore LP Technicolor Hand Fruit.

“Delirious” is garage rock, but it’s as poppy and catchy as anything you’d hear on the FM airwaves. The vocals are passionate and wild and the guitar roars along providing a perfect backbone for the sound. “Everything Grows Taller When The Sun Goes Down” is every bit a southern rocker, blues-tinged and sing-a-long structured to get you clapping.

You can purchase Technicolor Hand Fruit via the bandcamp link below, as well as download “Delirious” and “Everything Grows Taller When The Sun Goes Down” via Soundcloud.

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