One Timer (Stream): Cosmo Sheldrake – The Fly

0 Posted by - 05/07/2013 - One Timer

One Timers are quick hits to keep your ears fresh throughout the day. Get down with these tracks, sans a bunch of words clogging up your brain.

Wondering what a real one timer is? Watch this. Hint: He shoots, he scores!

Cosmo Sheldrake is something of a maniacal genius. I don’t know what in the world his tracks are about, what the hell he is saying, or even how to describe them…yet somehow they are innately catchy, and eccentric stylings aside they are crafted with an incredibly firm grip on what makes a great melody and how to produce an enduring (if unorthodox) beat.

If you’ve not heard his previous stuff, click here. It’s pretty amazing. In the meantime, be a happy fly and jam with “The Fly”. Not to be confused with the U2 version, but ultimately just as funky.

Also watch this live video of Cosmo Sheldrake @ Sofar London:


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