One Timer (MP3): Cowboy Indian Bear – Does Anybody See You Out?

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One Timers are quick hits to keep your ears fresh throughout the day. Get down with these tracks, sans a bunch of words clogging up your brain.

Wonder what a real one timer is? Watch this. Hint: he scores!

I’ve probably listened to this track something like ten to fifteen times bare minimum since the end of March. It has a great laid back groove and I remember originally thinking, “The fuzzed out vocals are a nice touch on top of this sound.” Cowboy Indian Bear released Live Old, Die Young on April 23rd, and “Does Anybody See You Out?” was just one of the great tracks found on the LP.

It was only through simple forgetfulness that I kept forgetting to post this track. Purchase it on iTunes.

MP3: Cowboy Indian Bear – Does Anybody See You Out_

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