One Timer (MP3): Chance The Rapper – Acid Rain

0 Posted by - 05/03/2013 - One Timer

One Timers are quick hits to keep your ears fresh throughout the day. Get down with these tracks, sans a bunch of words clogging up your brain.

Wonder what a real one timer is? Watch this. Hint: he scores!>

I’ve been burying my head in the sand about Chance The Rapper. I’ve seen him on a few features, but for the most part I’ve avoided his music. It might be due to the name – I’m some kind of weird sucker for band/artist names and I’ll get righteous and dismiss music due to the name until I actually hear it. Someone reposted “Acid Rain” in my Soundcloud feed, otherwise I’d probably still not have encountered it. “Acid Rain” was awesome though, and I’m looking forward to delving into Acid Rap.

I miss back when MJ was still considered Jesus, too, bro. Download Acid Rap the mixtape for free here.

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