Noteworthy (Video): Body Parts – People

2 Posted by - 03/11/2014 - Noteworthy

I wasn’t surprised to find a video for “People” in my inbox last night. After all, I had an inkling it was coming and then a rather interesting experience had occurred that made me contemplate the very same thing “People” addresses; what about all of the people you never hear about?

That’s an intriguing conversation for me for more than one reason. The main reason is the subject itself – those nameless people you encounter everyday who have their own shit they are going through that you aren’t worried about (they also aren’t worried about you); the second is conversation it degenerates into. It’s a conversation that is not advisable on the internet due to the culture of one-upmanship and contrarian-ism generally encountered here.

Beyond the subject of (possibly) finding a little more concern for your fellow man, Body Parts’ “People” is a prime pop display for modern living. The “People” video is simple in concept, but it drives the track home solidly. I particularly enjoyed the Ryder Bach bleach blonde cameos; nothing tops a little after-party, whether its postgame or in your hair.

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