Noteworthy (Stream): Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Collapse

0 Posted by - 11/27/2013 - Noteworthy

“Collapse” is brilliant. Somber, but providing a backdrop of electronic beauty that is very captivating. The soundscape created by Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the soundtrack that plays for those lucky men and women who achieved their childhood dreams and made it to space. Its not eerie silence up there, no. Its a life re-affirming sense of wonder, and that’s what I get from this production – lyrics aside.

Obviously, adding in the lyrics presents a different take. They are tinged with hints of despair and resignation, a stark contrast to what I described above, but somehow fitting snugly in this digital dream. Tim Bettinson, a 17 year old from Brisbane, is the creative force behind this ambient masterpiece and those fragile vocals featured throughout the track.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic has an EP on the way in the near future. I’ll be watching and waiting patiently. I suspect you will be, as well.

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