Noteworthy (Stream): Trails And Ways – Como Te Vas

0 Posted by - 06/06/2013 - Noteworthy, One Timer

My foreign language skills are a bit…lacking, but if I’m not mistaken my inept Spanish speaking brain translates “como te vas” as “how are/will you going”? As I said, I’m a bit rusty. I’m also completely unsure what that phrase means in the context of Trails And Ways latest single “Como Te Vas”. If I could pick out the rest of the words that’d probably help, but unfortunately I cannot.


They premiered this newest jewel on The Fader, where they let slip a mention about a forthcoming EP titled Trilingual, which I’m assuming has something to do with the three single release of last year with the same name. It’s hard to top new releases from Trails And Ways, particularly if this EP has several brand new tracks at once to offer. It looks like it’s five tracks, however, so I’m not sure if they are included the three previously released singles on this EP or not. If so, maybe we’ll at least get two new jams!

“Como Te Vas” is a shimmering beauty, perfectly measured for muggy nights and inquisitive thought. It’s a new spin on the wonderful Trails sound of dreams and (of?) cultural hitchhiking.

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