Noteworthy (Stream): Talos – Tethered Bones

1 Posted by - 03/07/2014 - Noteworthy

Coming in hard on twenty four hours I’ve spent tethered to Eoin French’s debut single as Talos. A beautiful mood piece enclosed in shifting, sublime electronics, “Tethered Bones” far exceeds the threshold of beauty you are accustomed to with alternative and independent music.

“It’s a love song, about how a relationship can engulf and transform you: what it can and does take away. What you lose and what you gain.” That’s straight from the horses’ mouth.

Outside of a name and a location, I don’t have much more information about Talos. He’s from Cork, which is about as notable for me as an American as it would be to a Brazilian who was told an American was from Phoenix (ed. note: the world is a big place, folks). I do know that it’s apparently a good bit warmer there in winter than it is here in Kentucky.

Geography lessons notwithstanding, Talos has delivered an amazing debut with “Tethered Bones”. Let’s hope the wait for more is short.

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