Noteworthy (Stream): SPEAK – Be Reasonable, Diane

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Long time, no SPEAK. “Be Reasonable, Diane” is the first original track out of the Austin, TX group since “Peaks”. It’s also the first we’ve heard from the dudes since their cover EP Girlsongs.

I cannot in good faith term “Be Reasonable, Diane” an easy listen. It’s not going to grab you in your soft hairs so quick that it would have had your early 2000’s self making ringtones of the chorus on your Motorola RAZR. No, it’s not that kind of track at all. Normally, this is where I’d use the term “it’s a grower not a shower”, but even on the first listen “Be Reasonable, Diane” puts up a very strong argument.

I would love to have more time to parse the lyrics, or have the lyrics themselves, but there seems to be some nice gems hidden in SPEAK’s newest single. It’s bouncy (in it’s own way), an unorthodox combination of pop and quirky rock that even dear old Diane could accept.

SPEAK are hitting the vans with some dude named RAC this March. Not sure who he is, but I bet he’s good… Check out the dates and cities here.

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  • owly 02/15/2014 - 10:52 AM

    hooked me on 1st listen but has continued to grow and grow on me. fantastic song!