Noteworthy (Stream): Sol Cat – Keep Your Heat

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Local music is a fairly amorphous thing for me. My wife and I are in our fourth location in under four years, so I’ve never quite put the roots down or the tendrils out very deeply into any local music scene where we’ve been located since I began this blog. To be honest, part of that is based on having a three year old and a one year old, but the majority of this fault lies in a lack of familiarity.

I wouldn’t call myself particularly up on the music scene in Bowling Green or Nashville, either, despite being here for over a year now. I am familiar with a band or three and their work, however. One such group was Sol Cat, whom I conversed with in the spring and who are based in Nashville. They’ve got this dance meets rock sound (grooverock, you could say) that doesn’t rely on an overabundance of synthesizers. Instead, they harness rhythm in the same way Paul George locks down the opposition, resulting in absolutely wonderful tunes that aren’t entirely like anyone else I regularly hear.


“Keep Your Heat” is one of the best Sol Cat tracks and I’ve heard, bookending their new Welcome To Cowabunga EP with something I didn’t realize I was missing but was all too glad to find. It’s a bit hard to pin where I’m drawn most by “Keep Your Heat”. Is it the neon glow that permeates the track, or the ethereal headspace it seems to find that’s somewhere between a definite statement and introspection? Honestly, I’m sure some of it might be the fact that Brett Hammann’s vocals have at least some degree of similarity to Man Man’s Honus Honus, whose vocals I particularly adore.

“Ups & Downs” and “What’s Wrong With What?” add up with “Keep Your Heat” for a very stellar three track release, well worth the $3 they are selling it for over on Bandcamp.

What the hell else are you gonna buy with three dollars, anyway? Order from the dollar value menu of Sol Cat, where you can put your top down anytime. Sol Cat are here in Bowling Green at Tidball’s on November 15th, and in my hometown of Knoxville at The Bowery on November 16th.

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