Noteworthy (Stream): Seatraffic – Man On The Coast

2 Posted by - 08/09/2014 - Noteworthy

While it’s been a relatively quiet year around these parts, I’ve kept an ear to the ground (and to my inbox) for some of the more promising releases. My time has been shorter in 2014, so I’ve been cherry picking. I got the note about Seatraffic’s new single “Man on the Coast” a few days back but I was unable to put it up at the time. Packed within was long awaited news if you are a lover of this San Francisco duo…their debut LP is dropping on September 9th.

“Man On The Coast” was billed as the standout of Beauty In The Night. In one of those rare circumstances, it lived up to it’s billing and more. This may be my favorite Seatraffic jam yet.

“Man On The Coast” pulses with that same distinct Northwestern vibe I’ve often drawn from their previous works, yet it’s the addition of the lighter keys and fully harnessed vocals that push Seatraffic forward. The fog that often drapes the vocals of the duo’s work has been lifted, and for the first time I found myself fully recognizing the words and able to sing along from play number one.

In short, while the band has been slowly shifting toward a more anthemic dream pop approach for a few singles now, “Man On The Coast” is the one where the recipe was perfected. “I take a breath, it’s not air” Mark Zannad laments in the first verse, putting the words right in my mouth.

“Man On The Coast” is breathtaking. Now give me that Beauty In The Night.

You can pre-order the LP on Bandcamp.

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