Noteworthy (Stream): Ryan Hemsworth & Starlito – Can’t Get Over You

0 Posted by - 11/14/2013 - Noteworthy

I think about you all the time, no I can’t get you out of my mind

I’ll admit, I stepped out for a minute and lost track of time a bit. No doubt about that. Some time before that, however, I remember Yours Truly referencing this Songs From Scratch project of Ryan Hemsworth and Nashville’s own Starlito, even releasing a little teaser. I took it to mean it was coming soon (by soon I mean like within a week), but it seems it took a bit longer than that much to my chagrin.


S’ok though, cause this track, belated or not has been magical. I was unaware it was actually released, but stumbled upon it digging up info about Tay Devenny. The subject matter Starlito references here is relatable to practically any man or woman in existence, and Hemsworth does Hemsworth things which means your job remains (as it always should) to sit back, nod your head and enjoy.

My mind is blown that folks aren’t eating this single up, considering the cache of both contributors.

I’d also like to throw an indescribable amount of props to Yours Truly for their work with the Songs From Scratch series. If you dig independent gems and wanna find more, there’s not really a better place on the web than on their blog. You can’t get them off their grind.

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