Noteworthy (Stream): RAC – Tear You Down (feat. Alex Ebert)

2 Posted by - 02/25/2014 - Noteworthy

As I’ve opined before, RAC could likely release animal sounds over some of his finely curated rhythms and folks would lap it up. The sounds are just too good to ignore. They feel great, they sound great. They are great. Add in well known voices from beloved groups and you’re gonna have fans frothing at the mouth. Not coincidentally, that’s exactly what RAC has been doing.

“Tear You Down” features Edwarde Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros frontman Alex Ebert on the vocals this time, sending RAC down the path of a more folksy style that suits this sunny Tuesday quite well. “Tear You Down” feels like the most tender RAC work I’ve heard in terms of the production. The vocals are center stage over a rhythm that trots along at an easy sing-along pace, spreading warm sounds throughout your living space.

You can pre-order RAC’s upcoming LP, Strangers (Part I), on iTunes right now. It’s due out March 3rd.

Part II will drop on April Fool’s Day. In essence, we’re getting two fairly large EP’s from RAC. Sounds good to me.

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