Noteworthy (Stream): Nicotine Dream – Living In My Own Hell

2 Posted by - 03/12/2014 - Noteworthy

That album art is something, isn’t it? Nothing less than eye catching. Maybe a little stomach turning as well if you’ve got a weak one.

New York’s Nicotine Dream know their addictions. They’ve put a firm flag on the corner of wistful and melancholy lo-fi with their demo EP, a four track exploration of remorse, reflection, and resignation. Every track has a straight from cassette sound that enchants the listener in a way music this moody wouldn’t normally be capable of.

“Living In My Own Hell” circles the drain where so many of us have passed before; trying too hard, failing too much, needing a change. Any change. While these are themes we’ve heard in music for ages, Nicotine Dream wrapped their version of the story in this entrancing, winsome exterior that is pretty damn hard not to tap your foot to. In being so infinitely relatable (and catchy), the group steer clear of getting called out as too droll or depressing.

I discovered these New Yorkers via the good folks at Gold Flake Paint, so major props to them for the legwork. I’m all too happy to bask in the rays of lo-fi regret.

Download Nicotine Dream’s EP on Bandcamp. It’s free, and I know you’ve got some free time.

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