Noteworthy (Stream): Monsieur Adi – Some Kind Of Love (feat. Electric Youth)

0 Posted by - 02/19/2014 - Noteworthy
[pullquote align=”right”]You say that you don’t need friends, you say that you’re a big man, still I wish to run away with you[/pullquote]

Monsieur Adi. Electric Youth. “Some Kind Of Love”. How could that go wrong? (editor’s note: impossible!)

Monsieur Adi was all over the map last year with a plethora of amazing remixes. Some of tracks I knew, some of artists I had never heard of, yet it was pretty easy to put my faith in his work. I’m fairly certain everyone is familiar with Electric Youth. If not, well, there’s this one thing they did with College that you ought to know. That’s not even counting all their other great tunes.

“Some Kind Of Love” is on that mood music kick, deep and engrossing, digging into your cortex with swirling synths and those ghostly Electric Youth vocals that are so easy to adore. How this collaboration isn’t everywhere already is beyond me. This track is gorgeous and perfect for those ‘six more weeks of winter’ blues.

This track is on Monsieur Adi’s upcoming EP After Hours.

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