Noteworthy (Stream): Mittenfields – Optimists

3 Posted by - 04/14/2015 - Noteworthy

I honestly never thought this day would come. No, I’m not referencing my passing into middle age (I turn 30 years old today). I’m talking about Mittenfields releasing new music, and not just a single but a whole damn album which drops April 28th.

In 2011 – when I was about half a year into getting my feet wet with this blogging thing – Mittenfields appeared and I fell in love with The Fresh Sum. The devil-may-care construction of guitar upon guitar cacophony spoke to something inside me and “My Mind Is An Avalanche” and “Mixed Signals (On The Rocks)” have remained regular rotation members on the various iPod’s, iPhone’s, iPad’s (do you notice the trend?) and computer paraphernalia I have owned throughout the last four odd years.

In the press release for “Optimists”, it talks about how “it’s hard to be remembered” in the 21st century and how that can be a source of anxiety for artists. Maybe it was for Mittenfields, which they imply can be heard in some of the tracks of Optimists. I would agree with them. While Mittenfields toiled away on their next big project in the intervening four years after I heard “My Mind Is An Avalanche”, I received hundreds of e-mails per day from bands and artists not unlike them. Wanting to be heard, wanting to be noticed. Wanting to be whatever it is that they’ve set their sights on. It’s no different from a blogger like myself wanting to be read, an employee wanting to be praised and recognized, or a child to be acknowledged by a parent or hero.

As a band or artist, when contacting people with your work you’re not unlike an author submitting his life’s work to a publisher. They may read it (or in this case listen) or they may use it for a paperweight. They might burn it, trash it, or otherwise deride it. 98 percent of the time you probably never know the outcome to be quite honest. Sometimes, though…sometimes it clicks. Sometimes you are noticed, recognized, praised. Sometimes you are remembered. It’s that two percent of the time you keep sending those manuscripts and MP3’s out for. Deep down, I think that’s what “Optimists” is all about. Even on one of those 98 percent days, we keep plugging away for the times when the other two percent comes our way.

I would write something flowery about the awesomeness of the new single, but suffice to say it is good and was well worth the wait. The main riff reminds me a bit of “Surrender”, honestly, which is certainly not a bad thing. As a fan, I’m excited for the LP. As a blogger, well…I have a good memory.

Optimists releases on April 28th. Pre-order it on Bandcamp or you’ll have a bad day.

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