Noteworthy (Stream): Manor – Architecture

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Don’t try to believe her, leave her…

These Manor folks are pretty freaking awesome, by any musical measure. There’s a “charismatically psychedelic bass line” that simultaneously sexes up and embeds “Architecture” in your brain, while the wonderful vocals of one Caitlin Duff do as much for creating atmosphere and ambience as any aspiring producer who has graced this humble blog.


The most impressive thing about “Architecture” is that it sounds so involved while actually remaining quite restrained. There’s no “let’s kick it to 12” or over the top production fluff, just an intensely personal combination of sounds that creates a track with brilliant complexion. It’s one of the more effortlessly catchy singles to cross my path via the inbox.

Manor are an Australian duo comprised of Caitlin Duff and Nathaniel Morse and this is only their third single. They plan on releasing their debut EP sometime in the Australian summer 2013/14 (ie: winter for us).

Buy “Architecture” on iTunes here in the US.

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