Noteworthy (Stream): Los Porcos – Sunshine

0 Posted by - 08/12/2013 - Noteworthy, One Timer

“Sunshine” is the latest track from Los Porcos, a “yacht rock” collective featuring former WU LYF members who deliver an interesting brand of pop that’s light on vocals and high on enjoy-ability. “Sunshine” is the track we knew about but hadn’t yet heard. We knew about it after the release of “C.F.W.” due to the fact that Caledonia Records was releasing a Sunshine/Classically Feminine Woman 12″ on September 15th, but it was still in the air how “Sunshine” might land on our ears.


There’s a ton of 80’s influence in this new single, which I adore. I’m all about the dance-style infection-ism of 80’s pop (hell, the 80’s in general from a pop culture perspective) and “Sunshine” is a kick in the ass to get moving and get living. An unfortunate side effect of raising two young children is that I haven’t been able to really turn this one up yet, but I’m sure it’s gonna sound amazing.

You should head over to Caledonia Records and pre-order your copy of the Sunshine/C.F.W. 12″. It also features a remix of “Sunshine” and “Classically Feminine Woman”. I also hope the cover is actually this all black version. Elegant.

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