Noteworthy (Stream): LA Font – Teen Bazooka

2 Posted by - 07/25/2014 - Noteworthy

Spent the week in the Midwest, trolling about Missouri and Kansas and haunting Kansas City as only a near-thirtyish father of two can do. In the meantime and meanwhile, LA Font released the A-side to their upcoming 7″ which is due out next Tuesday.

“Teen Bazooka” is orbiting the lofty plane of catchiest LA Font track since “Sharks” and their first LP beauties, with enough irreverence to make even the hardest teen grit his teeth and nod in acceptance. As is often noted here and otherwise, Danny Bobbe dances a strange dance with his songwriting, harpooning things we take for granted or accept as “wanted” traits while still making you sing along.

LA Font are no Judge Dread, but they could be dreamers, rebels or redeemers. The good thing is their music let’s you decide which slot to fit them in.

Pre-order the Teen Bazooka/Motor Rally 7″ on Bandcamp.

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