Noteworthy (Stream): Kanye West – Black Skinhead & New Slaves (SNL Performance)

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It’s been ages since I bothered to post a track in the dead of night, but this Kanye West performance was something else. I can’t speak for the quality of the song, as it’s pretty…harsh, but wow at the performance.

UPDATED: also, lyrics straight from Kanye’s twitter for “Black Skinhead” at the bottom.

Marilyn Manson? Color me surprised. Creepy dogs, by the way Kanye. If I can love the actual track as much as I loved this performance, that’d be swell.

Also, I cannot believe how much Kanye broke the censors on “New Slaves”. I bet we’ll be hearing about this tomorrow.


You can find a video of the performance and a stream below. There’s also video of “New Slaves” from SNL as well. The video comes from Yardie.

21351947 by YardieGoals

2135194114 by YardieGoals

And a stream for good measure, because that video isn’t gonna make it til morning I’d bet.



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  • nab 05/19/2013 - 2:45 AM

    Im glad you posted this in the dead of noght cuz theres a million people looking for this online right now…..?