Noteworthy (Stream): Jaymes Young – Moondust

0 Posted by - 08/16/2013 - Noteworthy

Jaymes Young is on the verge of releasing several new tracks in his Dark Star mixtape/LP. Why not drop a new one on a Friday night? You needed something to listen to anyway, didn’t ya?


If you’ve been asleep at the wheel on the chill/pop/R&B music scene of late, Jaymes Young exploded onto the scene with “Dark Star” and really stole way too much of my time with that one single. Kiely Rich produced a more summer worthy remix of the first single, and Jaymes followed that with other notables like “Wondering” and “Fragments”. Still, I don’t feel like I’m speaking out of class when I say that those two didn’t quite stack up to the irresistible pull of the first song.

“Moondust” is the answer to the question, “Can he do it again?” This is undoubtedly as potent as “Dark Star”, and if first impressions are anything, the more positive production tint lends it to be slightly more alluring. There isn’t much pop justice in the world if Jaymes Young doesn’t pull a hit out of this.

With it’s theme of love lost (or maybe discarded) and this enticing chorus, it’ll be hard to beat out heading in to next week. Looking forward to the mixtape? Wait for it here.

(ed. note: note coming in the AM)
(ed. note #2: my moondust looks like a cookie and cookie crumbs)

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