Noteworthy (Stream): Jaymes Young – Fragments

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So now that we’re a couple tracks deep, I believe we can aptly call Jaymes Young a “burgeoning” star. Becoming a breakout indie artist depends on a ton of things though, not simply the music, so it’s very hard to tell what you’ve got til you’re practically there. With “Dark Star” and the “Dark Star” Kiely Rich remix lighting it up everywhere (ed. note: shit is good), Jaymes Young is on the lips of a lot of folks though and that’s the first step to breaking the mold.


“Fragments” is his newest single. This time, he removes the sexual charge of his better known cut for something a little more reserved – melancholy, if you will. That’s not to say it’s not beautiful, because Jaymes’ voice is the showcase and it’s a worthy headliner. Mr. Young (with the help of co-producer Mike Fresh) brings the same style of production I loved in “Dark Star” back – beneath that sparse and lonely melody there’s dark synths and deep bass. Sounds good, man.

Check out “Fragments” below. Jaymes Young will be releasing a mixtape/EP on 8/20, so eyes and ears peeled.

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  • Paul Mencel 07/24/2013 - 12:10 AM

    Jaymes Young straight killing it right now.