Noteworthy (Stream): Goodbye Chanel – Foreva

1 Posted by - 02/17/2014 - Noteworthy

Last I heard from Goodbye Chanel they were in “Kalifornia” and I was pondering their spelling. Though I came to it late, I enjoyed the hell out of Through Night To Paradise. Needless to say I almost overheated when I got the email that they have a new EP dropping in April, Hot City Nights. Packed neatly inside the e-mail like a box nested in a box nested in another box was a diamond ring of a single called “Foreva”.

Dream pop, by it’s very nature, seems to occupy that heady space nearest reflection with the faintest brush stroke of resignation. Its inescapable. Even on the first play through, most great dream pop tracks feel so steeped in nostalgia that they inevitably remind you of some prior moment of bliss that makes you want to escape to a previous time or place. Goodbye Chanel’s “Foreva” offers this same juxtaposition of bliss and melancholy, but isn’t that the point of “forever”? It’s a double edged sword, after all.

The bright sounds of “Foreva” are melded splendidly with those dream tinged vocals, forcing me to regret that it’s merely February. April can’t come soon enough.

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