Noteworthy (Stream): FTSE – St. Tropez (feat. ForteBowie)

0 Posted by - 08/17/2013 - Noteworthy

Murky and wholly enthralling, FTSE’s “St. Tropez (feat. ForteBowie)” is only as dark as you’re willing to let it be. In some ways, “St. Tropez” is as much a trip as FTSE and ForteBowie describe, with it’s subdued tones and surreptitiously tropical keys, transporting you from whatever dark space you occupy into somewhere a little closer to where you want to be. If I hadn’t already chosen a song of the week, this would certainly be it as I can’t stop pressing repeat.


FTSE is releasing a new EP on September 30th, FTSE II, which you can pick up on the Lucky Number bandcamp. The vinyl edition is limited to 300 copies.

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