Noteworthy (Stream): Eyelid Kid – Time Travel

3 Posted by - 04/25/2014 - Noteworthy

As a kid, I had a few dreams.

I was going to pitch for the Baltimore Orioles. I was going to play running back for Virginia Tech. The most random, however, was that I was going to be an amazing saxophonist. Needless to say, hopes have been dashed on all accounts. I have played a saxophone one time in twenty nine years of breathing. When I tried out for it with my school band, they told me it wasn’t the instrument for me and I became a trombonist. Still, I wish I had learned the instrument of my choice, however. My mother loved it, which led to me loving it, and unless you’re playing some jazz on your own record player you never hear enough of it.

“Time Travel” brings the saxophone back to pop music, transporting you into a bygone era of smoke-filled lounges and a more stable existence. The airy, breezy vocals flying over the minimal groove of Eyelid Kid’s debut are the type you’d lie on your bed and melt into; daydreaming of something, anything else. The jazzy quality of “Time Travel” is rather intriguing. You have the modern touches, from the almost-but-not-quite tribal percussion to the more subtle bells and whistles littered throughout, but your ears perk at every note from the sax.

Somewhere along the line, I adopted the tagline of “from the way back and the not too distant future”. That is Eyelid Kid. That is “Time Travel”. It’s a beautiful debut you can sway your hips to.

Download it for free on Bandcamp.

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