Noteworthy (Stream): Daughter – Smother (Tennyson Remix)

3 Posted by - 03/14/2014 - One Timer

I’ve written a lot about Edmonton artists lately. Most of them have been of the lo-fi variety; a little off the beaten path, the kind of musical gems waiting for the world outside to embrace them fully. Tennyson is also from Edmonton, ironically, but lots of people are starting to take notice.

Daughter’s “Smother” was remixed repeatedly and then some when everyone first got their hands (and ears) on it. Its been a minute, but Tennyson decided to take his own turn at reworking the poignant single.

And did he ever.

Someone reposted this remix into my Soundcloud feed and deserves some kudos. Tennyson’s remix has all kinds of interesting sounds incorporated, from a xylophone to this sweet little jazzy atmosphere. I think there’s even a dude pouring water or Coke fizzing or something. How’s that for a compelling selling point for a new track? “There’s a dude pouring a Coke in the background, bro, its so awesome.” It sounds ridiculous, but this is one of the best remixes you’ll have heard in the three months of 2014. One hundred percent no lie.

I hesitated to mention this as well because it is unrelated to his production work, but…

I Spy(TM) Mr. Tennyson looking a lot like Dexter’s apprentice/Dana Brody’s latest boyfriend (British actor Sam Underwood). I can’t unsee it. Compare those pics with the one on Tennyson’s Soundcloud profile. The more you know.

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