Noteworthy (Stream): C A T H E D R A L S – Harlem

0 Posted by - 02/25/2014 - Noteworthy


This C A T H E D R A L S track has been floating around in some form or fashion since being the B-side to a Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box 7″ release last year. I hadn’t caught wind of it as I didn’t get the box, but I did give “Unbound” a couple plays last year. I must have had my ear plugs in, or maybe I was distracted. Either way, the SS C A T H E D R A L S was missed.

“Harlem” is a boneshaker, that unusual slice of audio joy that hits all the right notes in the straightforward sense, whilst also checking off a few extra boxes that catapult this track into the land of the nearly absurd. Absurdly awesome. There’s the pop elements, the R&B stylings, hell, there’s even some simmering rock ‘n roll. This is a big ass song (for lack of a more polite way to put it).

I see no word on where to buy this digitally, so it may be a long wait (ED. NOTE: looks like you can grab a free download of “Harlem” on Nylon). Two sweet tracks. Two person group. San Francisco, we thank you.

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