Noteworthy (Stream): Blooms – Lust

2 Posted by - 04/02/2014 - Noteworthy

There’s an outer space feeling to Blooms’ newest single “Lust”, a cherry on top of the two amazing tracks she already put forth. I’m reminded a bit of Out There, where you’re an astronaut who’s awoken from a cryogenic sleep only to find yourself far from Earth without another soul around. Blooms probably wasn’t looking for a video game comparison, but trust me…the atmosphere of both are experiences not soon to be forgotten.

Those sultry vocals lend the production of Darragh Nolan (of Sacred Animals) a rare power, reeling you in and hooking you deep. There’s no hope of getting thrown back. You’re staying in the boat.

The If EP featuring “Lust” will be out in late April.

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