Noteworthy (Stream): BAYY – My Best Friend

3 Posted by - 04/01/2014 - Noteworthy

Note to self: some linguists do it better than others. I’m reminded of this often when browsing around my favorite music blogs on the web. Their collective skill puts my inane ramblings in a bad light but I love them anyway. We can still be friends.

Then there are the “others”. The folks who send me their music. Publicists, record labels, band members, friends of band members, random folks from the internet…some do it better than others. Beech Coma sent over BAYY’s newest track “My Best Friend” with a description that included the line “sounding like a less apathetic Real Estate discovering an overdrive switch for the first time”. Honestly, how am I supposed to describe a track better than that?

The dreamy haze of “My Best Friend” rekindles nights spent on the concrete steps of my garage looking down the hill at all the sleepy little neighborhood houses with my buddy; smoking cigarettes, drinking cheap beers and being blissfully unaware of the bliss all around us while we commiserated over life and it’s trials.

The muted, straight from a cassette style of BAYY’s shoegaze (stargaze) pop cuts the edge off of a tedious April Fool’s Day. It’s excellent. The track is also part of the Beech Coma Vol. 1 compilation (which includes Home School’s “She’ll Move On”).

You can pre-order it on Bandcamp.

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