Noteworthy (Stream): BASECAMP – Emmanuel

0 Posted by - 07/29/2013 - Noteworthy, One Timer

Has someone came up with the sub-genre name for this style of R&B yet? I haven’t seen one coined, or at least not one that has caught on with the masses. Whatever it is, there seem to be a lot of artists steering in this direction and I’ve found myself enjoying it immensely.


This take on the new R&B-chillwave genre is from here in my own backyard of Nashville – three producers getting together under one banner to put out this single and an EP in August. “Emmanuel” is one of the more polished takes I’ve heard in this style, with the production being so slick and solid that I find myself lost in the sounds. The vocals are nothing to sneeze at, either.

I’m curious to see what several tracks of BASECAMP might sound like back to back. So far we’ve yet to see one of these new artists release an EP or full LP – it’s all been carried by the strength of the single. Here’s hoping the full ride is as good as this short trip.

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