Noteworthy (MP3): St. Tropez – In Pictures

1 Posted by - 05/16/2014 - Noteworthy

There’s been a lot of St. Tropez referenced lately. The amazing FYFE, the wonderful track from FTSE, and the actual artists St. Tropez. “In Pictures” is the new single from St. Tropez, a saucy number for humid evenings of languid leisure and contemplation turned to reality.

Hailing from Oakland, CA, the stomping ground of the greatest shooter on the face of the planet Steph Curry, St. Tropez makes bittersweet indie rock from their home studio. There’s nothing better than some glorious indie rock, though I assure the more experimentally inclined of our readers that “In Pictures” does a bang-up job of stepping outside the stuffy confines of the genre. In particular, the rhythm finds an interesting niche that even gets a little dance-y.

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