Noteworthy (MP3): Split Screens – Close Your Eyes

0 Posted by - 01/30/2014 - Noteworthy

Some folks like to get wild, reckless even. They enjoy the thrill and they like their music the same way. Stirring, visceral, teeth gnashing rock ‘n roll. You can’t always be all piss and vinegar, though. When it’s time to dial back a notch, consider “Close Your Eyes”, the latest single from San Francisco based Split Screens.

In a roundabout way, “Close Your Eyes” reminds me of one of the greatest feelings in life. What’s that, you say? Have you ever been really – and I mean really – tired? Let’s say you were up all day the day before and then worked the night shift and had to stay late at work til about 8 AM. By the time you get where you need to be, you’ve hit the twenty four hour plus mark.

You curl up with a nice pillow and blanket, a significant other, or a good book, and you know you can fall asleep at any time. You don’t, though. You lay there like the cat who caught the canary, enjoying that sleepy haze, in essence the fruit of all that previous twenty four hours of labor. It’s an amazing feeling, and “Close Your Eyes” replicates it beautifully.

Peaceful and breezy, this new Split Screens single is a crash course on meditation. Listen, feel refreshed. Look out for their debut LP in late spring.

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