Noteworthy (MP3): Sir Sly – Miracle

0 Posted by - 08/23/2013 - Noteworthy

With that beat popping in during the intro, I was half expecting a “SNOOOO-” (you know the song), or maybe at least some tongue clicking. Turns out it’s new Sir Sly as they just dropped a new track and I’m gonna get out front and give it two thumbs up. The last track I got my ears on from these dudes was “Found You Out” and it involved a lot of confusion for me. Previously, most of the Sir Sly work had revolved around a more electro-atmospheric sound…”Found You Out” was almost straight up indie rock. Still, I’m back in the saddle for another go.

“Miracle” is as melancholy as Eeyore, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t sound amazing. It’s darker than just about any previous track, and the somber verse structure is exquisite – the kind of build-up real hits are made of. To surprise and rise in the pop world you don’t just need a good hook, no – you need a verse that is as catchy as many other artist’s hooks. You need that track that’s like a five tool baseball player, and this is it for me…at least from Sir Sly.

From the passionate, heart on a sleeve verses vanishing into an upbeat, almost dance-like rhythm of sadness and pop goodness, “Miracle” is right there on the level with “Ghost” and “Gold” as far as I’m concerned, and those were excellent singles.

You can download the track for free via the widget above if you’re willing to part with your eternal soul e-mail address.

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