Noteworthy (MP3): Mister Suit – Can’t Be Found

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Bands that begin your names with Mister, get in touch. I’ll give you a free pass to the front of the inbox queue, based simply on personal preference. Mister Heavenly, Mister Lies, Mister Suit, Mister whatever – I’m down to hear your music. I’ve yet to hear a “Mister” themed band that sucked, much like bands with “Wolf” or “Ghost” in their name. It’s a mark of success people. Okay, okay. I’m only half kidding, though. I really haven’t heard one that sucked yet, but feel free to bombard me with crappy ones now to prove me wrong!

So you’re about the head out the door for the day and you can’t find your keys. They aren’t around. You go to meet up with a friend downtown, but he/she doesn’t show. They can’t be found. That’s pretty much the long and short of the details behind “Can’t Be Found” by Mister Suit. Some of you might be like “That sounds stupid!” or “That’s too simple, man!”, but hey, it’s a damn catchy song. Some of the best pop tracks weren’t about much of anything, at least this one has a plot. It’s certainly a hell of a pop song too, beneath all that synth and guitar.


Mister Suit is the solo vehicle of Garrett Jones and I’ve gotta say, the dudes knows how to craft a great groove. Explain to me why everyone fell in love “White Lies” by Max Frost and they couldn’t fall equally in love with Garrett Jones/Mister Suit? I see no reason. While they aren’t entirely similar, a Venn diagram of the two would overlap in a great many places…particularly in the infectious category, no?

Enjoy my bad art and Mister Suit’s great music. Download it below and find some more Mister Suit on Bandcamp.

MP3: Mister Suit – Can’t Be Found


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