Noteworthy (MP3): Look Vibrant – Plateau & Stranger Kind

0 Posted by - 05/20/2013 - Noteworthy, One Timer

It’s a shame I cannot draw a face getting it’s teeth kicked in, because that’s the immediate reaction I have to the Plateau EP from Look Vibrant. Maybe it’s ear drum caving?


These tracks are a pulse driving cacophony of noise that are oddly more tender than your ears might admit.

What does noise pop even mean? You’d be surprised at the variety of sounds folks send to me with that label. Look Vibrant is guitars, veiled melodies, and a lot of fuzz and feedback. It’s beyond awesome and such a breath of fresh air for me because it’s unlike anything else I’ve been listening to in recent times.

You can download both tracks for free by clicking the players below, or click here.

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